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European Autumn Tour 2015: Looking For Performances and Talks Now!


28-30 Sep – Looking For Concert/Talk in Barcelona
07-09 Oct – Looking For concert/talk in Madrid
16-26 Nov – Looking for concert in Scandinavia
29/Nov-03/Dec – Looking for concerts in Scandinavia or Switzerland
04-19/Dec – Looking for concerts everywhere in Europe

24 Sep – Bourges – Emmetrop / It’s Time For Gender Over Noise
25 Sep – St Etienne – Chez Lulu w/ Satellites
26 Sep – Lyon – Grrnd Zero – Humanist S.K Festival
27 Sep – Lyon – Artist Talk
01-06/Oct – Mexico DF – 1er. Encuentro Internacional de Musica experimental y arte sonoro
10 Oct – Porto – Queer Porto #01
17 Oct – Turin – Venue TBC
18 Oct – Turin – Spazio B (Artist Talk)
20 Oct – Opava – Gottfrei
21 Oct – Ostrava – House Of The Art
23-24 Oct – Graz – Elevate Festival
01-15 Nov – Malmo – Future Legends Residency
17 Nov – Helsinki – Vapaan Taiteen Tila
19 Nov – Stockholm – Fylkingen
27 or 28 Nov – Gothenburg – Geiger Festival
04 or 05 Dec – Lausanne – Les Urbaines
20 Dec – Rotterdam – Worm Festival (?)

* One Man Naton LP on Moozak is out now *
** Transgender: Interview of One Man Nation on Poskod **
*** Vincent Moon’s Petites Planètes Vol.20 featuring One Man Nation out now ***


“Chia’s artistic identity is one that defies the artificial borders and boundaries of the modern nation state.  Going beyond the notion of the individual simply as a constituent of a nation and its projected cultural identity, (s)he bypasses the need for mass appeal or approval and instead subscribes to the independent nature that characterises folk – the resistance to a canon.”June Yap, The WIRE

“My recent researches have been focused a lot on relationships between spirits and sounds, music and trance, shamanism and dance. For such experiences i obviously looked deep into traditional music, old rituals and uses of music to transfigure the body to some other extents. It’s quite fascinating that such a person like Marc, who is involving himself so much in very advanced technology, could recall such ancient approaches to music.  From this film made with him in Singapore, my ideas about bridges between technology and spirituality went further. What i had developed personally for a few years, this intuition that the ultimate goal of technology in our age is to help us to reconnect with our own blood, he was personifying it in the most incredible way.”Vincent Moon

/// ENG

Tara Transitory aka One Man Nation is an experimental musician with a background in media and sound art. She is trans, nomadic and is currently investigating transgender history in south-east asia as well as the intersections of gender, noise and ritual through performances and the collective experience of creating ephemeral cathartic happenings with trans*queer communities everywhere.

Originally from Singapore, she splits his time between Asia|Europe where she co-directs and sends out smoke signals from the International //gender|o|noise\\ Underground together with Miriam de Saxe, and organizes the trans*queer themed Translæctica nights.

Tara performs solo as One Man Nation, with Truna as { 23 Shadows of Amnesia } and with Pierre Bastien as Mecanation.  She has collaborated extensively and her past collaborations include Vincent Moon, C-drik Fermont, Kato Hideki, Hilary JeffreyRichard ScottAlfredo Genovesi and Soopa Collective; has performed internationally at the Guggenheim Museum (Bilbao), Museum of Contemporary Art (Taipei), ISEA (Ruhr), Mapping (Geneva), Piksel (Bergen), MEM (Bilbao), STEIM Jamboree (Amsterdam), Makeart (Poitiers), Fete 0.1 (Orléans), SummerLAB (Gijon), Steirischer Herbst (Graz) and Sonic Protest (Paris) amongst others.

/// ESP

Tara Transitory aka One Man Nation es una música experimental con experiencia en producción media y arte sonoro. Ella es trans, una nómada y actualmente se dedica a enviar señales de humo desde el International //gender|o|noise\\ Underground, desde donde explora los temas de género, el ruido y la catarsis mediante sus actuaciones, charlas y la experiencia colectiva de crear efímeras colaboraciones con otras comunidades trans*queer en todo el mundo.  Aunque nació en Singapur, ahora divide su tiempo entre Asia|España, lugares en los que sigue desarrollando sus diferentes proyectos, como The Future Sounds of Folk, la codirección de El Campo Unificado y el ciclo de noches Translæctica.

Tara es conocida en solitario como One Man Nation, pero también trabaja en dúo con Truna para el proyecto { 23 Sombras de Amnesia }, así como también participa en Mecanation, con Pierre Bastien. Además ha colaborado con muchos otros artistas que incluyen a Vincent MoonC-drik FermontKato HidekiHilary JeffreyRichard ScottAlfredo Genovesi and Soopa Collective; sus performances tienen presencia internacional y ha actuado en el Museo Guggenheim (Bilbao), Museo de Arte Contemporáneo (Taipei), ISEA (Ruhr), Mapping (Geneva), Piksel (Bergen), MEM (Bilbao), STEIM Jamboree (Amsterdam), Makeart (Poitiers), Fete 0.1 (Orléans), SummerLAB (Gijon), Steirischer Herbst (Graz) and Sonic Protest (Paris) entre muchos otros.

email - tara___x [at] onemannation [dot] com
twitter - @tara_transitory
facebook - @One Man Nation
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