* Ritual, Noise, and the Cut-up: The Art of Tara Transitory *


16/Sep | Rewire X Korzo #7 | Den Haag, NL
27/Sep | CTM 2018 Prelude at Berghain (Säule) | Berlin, DE
28/Sep | Pharmakos/n Elegy 4 @ Uferstudios (Collaboration) | Berlin, DE
01/Oct | DESI (Talk+Performance) | Nuremburg, DE
03/Oct | Simultan Festival | Timisoara, RO
04/Oct | UH Fest 2017 (Performance) | Budapest, HU
05/Oct | UH Fest 2017 (Talk) | Budapest, HU
06/Oct | Performing Sound Festival | Salzburg, AT
08/Oct | Abismal | Madrid, ES
12/Oct | Kampnagel | Hamburg, DE
13/Oct | To-Be-Announced | Berlin, DE
14/Oct | Keroxen | Tenerife, ES
21/Oct | Beursschouwburg | Brussels, BE



“Chia’s artistic identity is one that defies the artificial borders and boundaries of the modern nation state.  Going beyond the notion of the individual simply as a constituent of a nation and its projected cultural identity, (s)he bypasses the need for mass appeal or approval and instead subscribes to the independent nature that characterises folk – the resistance to a canon.”June Yap, The WIRE

/// ENG

Tara Transitory aka One Man Nation makes work which some consider art, some consider music and some consider trash. But clearly, it never quite fits into contemporary categories. She is trans, nomadic and is exploring the intersections of gender, noise and ritual through sound, performance and the collective trance.

Currently based in Chiang Mai (Thailand) where she is working on the never-ending project International //gender|o|noise\\ Underground, a collection of video documents made of ephemeral public interventions done in collaboration with other trans* women such as Jenny Quỳnh Phương, Nguyễn Thiện Phúc and Kandy Zyanide (สุกุล ดงน้อย).

Tara performs solo as One Man Nation, with Truna as { 23 Shadows of Amnesia } and with Pierre Bastien as Mecanation.  She has collaborated extensively and her past collaborators include Bambu Wukir, Hilary Jeffrey, Iman Jimbot, Richard Scott and Sara Mikolai; has performed internationally at Club Transmediale (Berlin), donaufestival (Krems), Gaite Lyrique (Paris), Guggenheim Museum (Bilbao), ISEA (Ruhr), Museum of Contemporary Art (Taipei), Sonic Protest (Paris) and Steirischer Herbst (Graz) amongst many others.