I am a nomadic, trans (as in gender) woman exploring the intersections of Gender, Noise and Ritual through performance and the collective trance.

Besides my regular sound actions in regular art places, I also initiate tiny collective interventions in public spaces with other transwomen. Since the end of 2012, I have been on an empirical investigation into gender+art+ritual in Thailand, Vietnam, Taiwan, Indonesia, Germany and Spain, looking at the role trans-feminine people have in their society and the ‘lives’ available to them. If these societies still practice traditional rituals, I looked into how do they include/exclude the trans-feminine person, and how their roles in these rituals evolved and the reasons why (ie. syncretism, wars, change of rulers, internal colonization, external colonization, etc).

These researches sometimes lead to no concrete outcome, whereas other times they have lead to sometimes unannounced artistic collaborations usually in the form of the afore mentioned public intervention between the trans-feminine person(s) and myself.  These collaborations usually involved me performing some of the noisy things I do together with them doing what they usually do for a living, which in this case ranges from street performances, staged cabarets, traditional theatre and rituals.

Similarities abound between the dislocated trans-feminine people I have met as they are usually ostracized by most societies and are usually forced to exist in the bottom rungs in the social spectrum. Through collective artistic actions, usually in the transitory spaces in-between the visible (regular society) and the invisible (trans-feminine communities), we try to momentarily shift the stratified demographics and empower each other in the process.

These interventions have been documented with the initial idea of creating a videoart-documentary piece with the recorded footage, I am still working on it as I type this and am struggling with myself as to whether or not these video recordings should ever be released as moving images, and more than that, whether they should have even been recorded in the first place.

Intervention in Saigon with Vee and Sam (2013)

Intervention with the Chiang Mai Cabaret (2013)

Intervention with Bissus in Bone (2015)